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    Welcome to Gadget Man Jay

    Here to help YOU embrace, enjoy and understand technology!

    Providing FULL 'Technology Owner' service.  Help BUYING the right device.  Advice or Professional INSTALLING & setup.  Coaching & LEARNING to use all features, functions & troubleshooting. SUPPORTING you by Teaching YOU Technology!  Maintain, Repair & Upgrade services also available.

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    Technology Is About The People!

    However ingenious or world changing technology becomes...

    ...It's YOU who makes it sucessful.  Technology is only successful if people use it.  The problem today is that technology progress moves so fast, apparently because people become 'bored' quickly.  There's more use in every device than most people realise.  When did you last read an instruction manual from front to back?

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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Gadget Man Jay wants to help improve "tech-knowledgey"!

    I believe that everyone of any age can and should have the knowledge to gain joy, pleasure and frustration free use of the vast array of technology in the world.  From programming the PVR to record every episode of your favourite show, ordering your weekly shopping online, making video phone calls to automating your home.

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    New Technology Every Day!

    That's why you'll find the latest technology news right here!

    Gadget Man Jay is all about learning about, understanding & embracing new technology.  On this site you'll find our technology blog pages which have news and reviews from across the internet.  You can subscribe to our Facebook page, twitter account or RSS feeds for daily technology news and support articles.

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Check out our Services

Here are a few examples of the MANY technology related services I provide...

gadgetmanjay.co.uk unbranded tv

Install and Set UP TV's

LCD, Plasma, Smart TV's. Wall mounting including cable hiding as required, setup, tune & connect DVD, BluRay, Sky, etc. fully qualified plasterer.

gadgetmanjay.co.uk generic laptop

Install and Configure Desktop or Laptop

Set Up, Connect to Wifi and 'cloud' services, Make Safe and Secure, complete all software upgrades an installations, remove 'Bloatware', and Coach User(s).


Clean Up and Secure PC or Mac

System Health Check & Diagnosis, Security Check & Upgrade, removal of malware or virus (where needed) and install good internet security software.

Larder Style Refrigerator

Install and Set Up Larder Refridgerator

Plumbing water feed, additional power socket, connect, test, configure & coach.  Learn about ALL the settings to create a perfect environment for your perishables!

gadgetmanjay.co.uk ipad

Set Up and Configure An iPad

I'll work through the setup process, organising accounts, demonstrating apps & explaining everything as I go along in case you ever need to re-do it!

gadgetmanjay.co.uk desktop pc

Remove Virus and Restore Computer

If you've been caught unawares and a virus has struck, I'll remove the virus (where possible) and restore or reinstall your operating system.

gadgetmanjay.co.uk generic washing machine

Plumb-In and Set Up a Washing Machine

A Fully Qualified, Level 3 Domestic Plumber means I can install your machine wherever you want it without worrying if its not close enough to inlets.

04-smartphones1 athome.gadgetmanjay.co.uk

Configure and Coach iOS or Other Smartphone

iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One, Nokia 900.  I'll help you understand the FULL capabilities of the mini computer in your hand.

home-theater athome.gadgetmanjay.co.uk

Buy Your Next Audio Or Sound System

I can help you determine your needs and wants against your budget and research to find oyu the best deal available.


So Much More!

Contact me to find out how I can teach YOU technology,  and cater for ALL technology needs from buying to recycling!, upgrade your gadgets and YOURSELF!

+ + + This Is How We Can Help You + + +

personal technology shopper 190x190


From £5
  • Help YOU Understand Products
  • Find Best Product To Suit YOU!
  • YOUR Requirements Checklist
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Install and setup 190x190


From £25
  • Fit ANY Product
  • FULL Install & Setup
  • Full Comprehensive Coaching
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home learning 190x190


From £25
  • 1-on-1 Or Group Coaching
  • ANY Age Young Or Old
  • Phone Support
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Technical Support 190x190


From £35
  • ANY Device or Technology
  • IN YOUR Own Home
  • Repair & Upgrade Services
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